Who is Blitz! for?

Blitz! is written to help young children who have not being able to make a start in reading despite much support. They struggle to make sense of the written word, often not seeing the 'whole' for the 'parts' and becoming frustrated and disillusioned as a consequence.

Blitz! is ideal for children for whom the pace and content of the Early Literacy Programme would prove too difficult. It has also been used successfully with older children and those in special schools.

The children who will greatly benefit from Blitz! are those who:

  • have shown little or no progress in literacy despite much support from the school/parents.
  • may find the pace of the Early Literacy Strategy too difficult
  • have assimilated little or no sight vocabulary have a poor awareness of rhyme.
  • have a weak phonological awareness.
  • have a limited or confused knowledge about letter sounds.
  • can write little unaided
  • have developed few reading or writing strategies.
  • find retention of words difficult.

It is particularly suitable for the child who is reluctant or anxious in taking the first steps towards literacy, or indeed 'turned off' reading.

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