Using Blitz!

Blitz! assumes little prior knowledge by the adult working with the child. It was written to be easily used by non-specialist staff i.e. ancillaries and parents as well as teachers. The supporting adult follows the precise details of what to do and how to do it. The lessons are self explanatory and scripted making it easy to use.

Blitz! offers a structure where 'sideways' moves can be easily made when it is felt necessary, perhaps to reinforce rhyme knowledge, to incorporate more detailed phonic work or to explore writing. In this way teachers can easily accomodate any perceived need which is appropriate for the individual group/child.

Blitz! can be used by different staff members and progress can be recorded on the lesson plans to enale other particupating adults to continue the programme with no prior liaison necessary.

Blitz! actively encourages the involvement of parents through the sharing of 'mini' books made by the child, or through participation in the teaching sessions. The children can take these familiar books home to share, raising their self esteem and involving their carer/s in their progress.

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