What the Blitz! programme covers

Blitz! is a programme aimed at teaching the fundamental aspects of reading and writing.

At the end of the sessions the child would have been introduced to;
  • all the National Literacy Strategy words from the reception years
  • many words form the National Literacy Strategy Years 1-2
  • other words integral to the books read
  • the sounds associated with many letters
  • to write these letters from memory
  • to correctly form the targeted letters
  • to correctly write some high frequency words
  • to write them from memory
  • to use a range of reading strategies
  • to expect and gain meaning from texts
  • to be more aware of rhyme
  • to use analogy to write related words
  • to write VC and CVC words, and attempt to write unknown words with confidence.

At the end of Blitz! the child should be in a position to begin to read independently from several reading schemes, with the knowledge and understanding to make sense of them whilst being aware of efficient and successful reading strategies. He/she should also be aware of, and be confident using, strategies to spell unfamiliar words.

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