What is the philosophy behind Blitz!

In any KS1 class there will always be some children who are finding literacy difficult. The government has successfully introduced their Early Literacy Strategy to identify and help such children. However there may still be children who despite this, are still experiencing severe difficulties. They will need further support, or 'Wave Three' support of the Early Literacy Strategy.

Blitz! has proven to be a suscessful input for those children, either within a small group or working one-to-one. It is structured around the regular reading of books so the children begin to see how reading 'works' and how the pieces 'fit together'. It makes crystal clear, and explicit, what strategies they can use for both reading and writing.

The books used are chosen from successful reading schemes and are sequenced to ensure that new vocabulary is very gradually introduced, whilst constantly revisiting those words already taught. They are also chosen for their appeal to children as well as their suitability for repeated re-readings, so vital for children at this early stage of literacy development.

The content of the lessons offer the children much reinforcement and 'overlearning' of what they have already been introduced to. This gives them the confidence, and the security, to move forward in their learning.

Blitz! fully takes on board all that is known as 'good practice' in the teaching of literacy, so that at its core is always the book and the pleasure contained within it. From such texts reading strategies are made explicit.

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