About Linda

Linda was a classteacher for many years both in the UK and Australia, before specialising in Literacy. For nearly twenty years she has been actively involved in the teaching of Literacy, particularly the support of children with severe and entrenched difficulties. This has been both within UK, USA and Australian Education Systems.

Publications include being Past Editor of GNOSIS magazine, the forerunner of 'Language and Literacy' (Questions Publications) , Author of 'Real Reading Analysis' (LDA), Self Esteem (Senjit) and more recently, support materials for Breakaway non fiction Group Readers (Badger).

Since 1980 she has been involved with the planning and organization of Inservice Education covering a wide range of literacy related topics. These have been delivered to teachers, both mainstream and specialist, and to teaching assistants and parents.

Linda has also been a lecturer in Reading and Writing to undergraduate students at Roehampton Institute in London and was involved with support work on BBC production of 'Help Your Child With Reading'

Teaching Certificate: (London)
Post Graduate Diploma in the Teaching of Reading: (Australia)
Masters Degree in Education (majoring in literacy): (U.K.)
Graduate Diploma in the Teaching of Children with Specific Difficulties in Reading and Writing: (University of Sussex)

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